Geezer Butler Signature Bass Wah, with internal Q control

  • Designed in collaboration with the first bass player to record with a wah pedal.
  • Voiced specifcally for Geezer’s huge and aggressive sound.
  • Internal Q control to adjust frequency bandpass.
  • Convenient auto-return switching.

Te Geezer Butler Cry Baby Bass Wah is designed to complement Geezer’s iconic sound- big and heavy with a punchy midrange. We took the aggressive Cry Baby 95Q Wah and modifed its sweep so that, from the heel-down position, custom circuitry maintains low end integrity by mixing in a portion of your dry signal, smoothly removing it as you move toward the toe-down position for accentuated midrange. Tis pedal also features convenient auto-return switching and an internal Q control to adjust the shape of the wah frequency bandpass.

Art. N° GZR95
Brand Dunlop
Unit Piece
Rec. Ret. Price / Pce CHF 242.00