Baby Bomb 30 Watt MOOER - Digital Micro Power AMP

  • 30 Watt maximum power output.
  • Master volume control can provide smooth post stage overdrive.
  • WARM/BRIGHT switch to adjust the power stage presence.
  • Built in overcurrent protection.
  • Can be connected to spealer cabinets with a load of 8 Ohm or 16 Ohm.
  • Power supply: DC 24V, 2A DC,center nagative.

BABY BOMB provides a true 30 Watts of power to drive any guitar cabinet with an impedance of 8Ohm - 16Ohm. A perfect partner for your favourite preamp pedals. With just 2 simple controls the Baby Bomb is easy to setup. Connect your pedalboard to the input of baby bomb. Connect the output to your preferred guitar speaker cabinet using a speaker cable. Set the Presence switch to warm or bright and adjust the volume control. If you push the volume control past 12 o’clock Baby Bomb can provide a warm, true tube like, post stage overdrive which feels natural and pleasant to the touch. Ideal for any musician on the move who needs to pack light.

Art. N° BB30
Unit Piece
Rec. Ret. Price / Pce CHF 159.00