Red Llama - 25th Anniversary Overdrive by WAY HUGE Electr. "Limited Edition"

In 1992, the groundbreaking ungulate thunder of the Red Llama Overdrive was unleashed upon the world. We’re celebrating this beastie’s first appearance in the sonic record with a special 25th Anniversary edition, limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide. It comes in a smaller, more pedalboard-friendly housing with a Hi-Cut control added to the austere control panel so you can season any amp, big or small, clean or dirty, to your taste. The Red Llama Overdrive provides a rich harmonic palette and a wide range of dirty tones, from a gentle grind all the way up to massive distortion. Put this pedal at the front of the herd.

The highly coveted Way Huge pedal that started it all is back! Its no-nonsense control panel remains intact: The Drive knob takes your sound from a gentle grind all the way up to massive distortion. The Volume control sets the desired amount of overall level, but be forewarned: The output capabilities of the Red Llama are legendary, with more than enough gain to force any amp to submit its headroom.

Reissue of the highly coveted first Way Huge pedal. Small tweed amp-style tone. Transparent and responsive to playing dynamics. Great for slamming an amp's input. POWER: Dunlop ECB-03E AC adapter or single 9 volt battery.

Art. N° WHE206
Brand Way Huge
Unit Piece
Rec. Ret. Price / Pce CHF 215.00