Kyser Low-Tension Quick-Change Capo, for 6-string guitars, Matte Black Finish

  • Designed for low action guitars
  • Less spring tension for minimal retuning
  • Matte black finish

Kyser designed the new Kyser Low-Tension Quick-Change capo with optimal tension needed for guitars with low-action set-ups. Optimal tension helps avoid "pulling strings out of tune" which results in minimal retuning by the guitarist. The Kyser Low-Tension Quick-Change capo achieves ideal tension across all guitar strings utilizing a spring with 25% less tension than standard Kyser Quick-Change capos.

The Kyser Low-Tension Quick-Change capo provides the trusted Kyser design that musicians all over the world desire while offering eased mechanical performance. The matte blackout finish accentuates the timeless aesthetic of every Kyser Quick-Change and includes a black spring, black rivet, black boot and dark gray Kyser logo. And, like all Kyser capos, this capo is made in Texas, USA.

Brand Kyser
Unit Piece
Rec. Ret. Price / Pce CHF 26.50