Luxe by C.F. Martin Bridge Pins Set, Liquid Metal, Gold whit Paua Dots, 6 bridge pins per set

Gold with Paua Inlay, 6 bridge pins per set.

LUXE BY MARTIN bridge pins are just another example of the company’s mission to constantly improve the tone and playability of our guitars. These high-tech pins are made from Liquidmetal®, a Zirconium alloy, that reflects energy instead of absorbing it. The result is an increase in volume and sustain, without sacrificing the low-end, or richness, of the guitar’s tone. In addition, they are extremely durable and will last significantly longer than most bridge pins on the market today.

Art.-Nr. 18APP0014
Marke Martin
Einheit Box
Richt-VP / Stück CHF 179.00