MXR Iso Brick Pro Power Supply



  • Clean, steady voltages
  • Powers wide range of pedals
  • Fits popular pedalboards
  • 10 fully isolated outputs
  • IEC power input

The MXR Iso-Brick Pro Power Supply delivers clean, steady voltages to a diverse range of pedal types in a sleek form factor so that you can confidently power your entire board without any extra bulk. Every one of the MXR Iso-Brick Pro Power Supply’s ten outputs is fully isolated to preserve signal purity and cut out environmental noise. Linking to a secondary power source is simple and easy thanks to a dedicated 18V @ 2.0A output, which can also power an extra 18V pedal. An IEC power input allows you to connect any standard IEC power cable, eliminating the need for an obnoxious wall wart. With its compact, lightweight design, the MXR Iso-Brick Pro Power Supply is perfectly sized to fit under most Pedaltrain pedalboards and it comes with all the mounting brackets and screws you need to set it up.

Reference M242
Brand MXR
Unit Piece
Advised price CHF 249.00