El. Bass 4-String ROBERT TRUJILLO .045 - .105 Stainless Steel


Robert Trujillo’s powerful attack and monstrous tone have earned him the most coveted bass chairs in rock. We worked closely with him to develop a set of strings that deliver the power and tonal flexibility he needs to meet the demands of his rigorous playing schedule head on. Designed using the same formulas as Robert’s custom tapered set but made specifically for non-tapered setups, these strings will throw down a clear and articulate top end, solid midrange punch to cut through a wall of guitars, and more than enough focused bottom to knock you on your ass!

"Always trust your ears, attitude, and fingers. These strings are the perfect balance of power, tone, and resonance on wood" - Robert Trujillo

Reference RTS45105
Brand Dunlop
Unit Set
Advised price CHF 45.00