KNOBLOCH - Leo Brouwer - Medium High Tension - Cl. Set


In honor of Maestro Leo Brouwer as he celebrates his 80th birthday, Knobloch Strings has released a commemorative line of high-quality classical guitar strings to pay tribute to his legacy and musical output.

"Knobloch has a silver sound that shines! I have them on my guitar." Leo Brouwer

LB Bass - Consisting of a special alloy with a composite core, these strings are resonant and shiny. The enhanced sensitivity of LB Bass allows you to express pure emotion.

AT Nylon - Our AT Nylon trebles bring a perfect mix of nylon sweetness with the brilliance and bite of a carbon string to create a treble that is luminous and powerful. These colourful strings have projection, warmth and radiance.

N° Art. 400LB
Marque KNOBLOCH Strings
Unité Jeu
PV Indicatif / pièce CHF 29.00