GIG BAG, for the FootNote Amplified Pedalboard

N° Art.: SKB-GBFN8 Marque: SKB Unité: Pce(s) PV Indicatif / pièce: CHF 115.00

The SKB-GBFN8 Gig bag is the perfect way to transport the 1SKB-FN-8 FootNote Amplified Pedalboard. The 1SKB-GBFN8 Gig bag is constructed of heavy duty 600-denier Nylon and includes an internal plush lined, for fitted block that keeps the FootNote secure in transport. There is an outside...

Soft Case, Pedalboard Soft Case for PS-8 and PS-15

N° Art.: SKB-SC2316 Marque: SKB Unité: Pce(s) PV Indicatif / pièce: CHF 124.00

The SKB-SC2316 combines the protective qualities of rigid foam with the style and portability of a canvas bag.

A padded interior, padded carrying handle and shoulder strap provide lightweight portability. The 1SKB-SC2316 Pedalboard Soft Case is designed to fit our PS-8 and PS-15...

PEDALBOARD, FootNote Amplified Pedalboard, with eight 9 volt DC (EU Version)

N° Art.: SKB-FN-8 Marque: SKB Unité: Net PV Indicatif / pièce: CHF 190.00
The 1SKB-FN-8 FootNote is the very first amplified pedalboard. Featuring a built-in 5W combo amp and a 6" Eminence® speaker, the 1SKB-FN-8 FootNote is like no other pedalboard on the market. The injection molded pedalboard features a 9" x 12" mounting surface which is sloped for easier access...